Start-to-finish Ferrari consulting, for:


  • Outlining your goals
  • Determining a budget
  • Setting a timeframe
  • Providing a market analysis
  • Identifying buyers and sellers
  • Analyzing and inspecting vehicles
  • Overviewing insurance options
  • Securing transport
  • Arranging delivery

Searches and Brokerage for your fantastic car


Bringing a buyer and seller together with the right car, for the right price, is the heart of our business.

Buying  or selling a treasured Ferrari can be stressful, time-consuming and  sometimes intimidating.  We believe it should be a straightforward,  cost-effective and gratifying experience.  Our promise is simple: From  inception to completion, Circosta Ferrari delivers the level of  excellence to every client their Ferrari purchase  or sale demands and deserves. Whether it is a vintage, racing or luxury  late-model Ferrari, we locate, inspect, negotiate and finalize  transactions to meet your individual specifications.

Cars for Sale and General Consulting


Some fantastic cars for sale that you can find on this site... and some only for private negotiation and sale.

... because we understand that in some circumstances - and for some exceptional cars - only in person negotiation is possible. 

In this case you can call us ... and we will talk directly for your special situation...

Collection Building

One Off/ Custom