Dear Friends and Ferrari Fans,

Circosta Ferrari is the culmination of my lifelong love of Ferraris.

From the first one I owned, I was hooked!  And over the years of buying 

and selling these extraordinary automobiles, I have gained a deep working
knowledge of the Ferrari marketplace, developed a network
of owners, buyers and sellers, identified the finest inspection
professionals, and secured top transport specialists. 

With exacting attention to detail, I personally supervise each and  every 

transaction with the intent to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

With these resources and client services, we insure your purchase or 

sale will be timely, cost effective and rewarding.
Whether it is a  vintage, racing or luxury late-model Ferrari,

we locate, inspect, negotiate and finalize transactions to meet your individual  

Bringing a buyer and seller together with the  right car, for the right price, 

is the heart of our business.  

Let us go  to work for you.

Bryan Circosta



 From  his experience at Prancing Horse Farm Ferrari, Bryan Circosta gained  insights into decades of client services to Ferrari owners.  With  exacting attention to detail, Bryan brings a deep working knowledge of  the Ferrari marketplace, a network of buyers and sellers, and the skills  to meet discerning client requirements.