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Super McLaren sold for about $20 millions

RM Sotheby's confirmed that the ultra-rare McLaren F1 LM-Specification, has been sold for $19,805,000 on Friday at the auction company's Monterey sale. This is actually less than the dizzying $21 million-$23 million price estimated the car would go for. This car is one of just two McLaren F1s to receive the LM-Specification upgrade. 

A 1931 Bentley won the Pebble Beach Concourse

 A 1931 Bentley 8 litre Gurney Nutting Sport Tourer took home the "Best of Show" trophy at the Pebble Beach Concourse  d'Elegance 2019, in Monterey during cars week. The car was presented by Michael Kadoorie from Hong Kong. Last year a 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta took the trophy  home. In 2017 the title belonged to a 1929 Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer.

Barry R. Gosnell

We are proud to present images of a special  F430 Challenge race car. The car is owned and raced by our friend Barry Gosnell. Barry is local owner, enthusiast, racer and very successful businessman. The car competed for many years in  the "Challenge Car Racing" series.  In 2010 Barry was involved in a horrific accident at Sebring.  After this accident he rebuilt the car to fit his tall upper body, with a custom carbon fiber/Kevlar raised roof, extraordinary NASCAR style custom cage and other enhanced protection features and other dynamic enhancements. After later power enhancements he competed in the "Exhibition" Class. He currently has recently gotten back on the track after recovering from a neck injury.


Thank you Barry for sharing these wonderful images with us...

"My favorite track is Road America in Wisconsin. It is very fast with challenging downhill turning straights and has great turns and  twisty sections" says Barry, and he also gave us a great description about his safety cage from another track: "At New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMSP), the course with never ending turns. You can see parts of the heavy custom cage with center bars tying to a bar across the lower windscreen and upper windscreen, all of it made to fit me as I it was fitted as sat in the tub". Another great picture is from Austin: "Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas, the only purpose built Formula 1 track in the USA, is one tough, challenging and quite technical track ...". Then a restart picture from NOLA (New Orleans, Lousiana) circuit and, of course, a picture from Watkins Glen, NY "a great track that pushes you to the limit".  


Next F1 GP will be in Spa on Sunday September 1st

Some great artistic pictures from Todd Strothers

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